Natural Honey in Bulk

Natural Honey is the unique product which combines healthy properties and sweet taste. Honey is rich for vitamins, mineral agents, it is natural anti-septic, anti-fungi and antiviral compound. In many countries people take it as a medicine to heal cold, depression, anemia, and also use it in cosmetics. Being collected in the reserved forests of Primorsky region, honey is one of its flagship brands of the region.

“Gold Tiger Cub” is 100% natural honey from Primorsky Region!

Мёд натуральный весовой

Everyone knows that the honey is the beekeeping product

In fact this is flower nectar that was collected and processed by bees. To make high-quality raw honey there must be special conditions: suitable climate, hive houses must be located near the places where certain kinds of trees and flowers grow, which bring good taste to honey.

Honey form Primorsky Region

We collect and produce honey in the most suitable districts for beekeeping. These municipal districts are Spasskyi, Kirovskyi, Dalnerechenskyi, Shkotovsky, Chuguevsckyi and Anuchinskyi. Most of their areas are covered with Ussuri Taiga. The white honey and flower honey are gathered there.

100% Honey

Honey is the seasonal product, that’s why experienced beekeepers take much care about their bee hives, and in the beginning of warm season took hive houses into certain places. Our suppliers know that we accept the 100% organic honey only. Those who tries to increase the volume of honey with water, syrup or starch can’t pass our quality tests.

The Natural Honey and Nothing More

All our products have regular examinations in laboratory, where we determine its chemical components, consistence, and exclude all signs for fermentation and mechanical impurities. Our policy – to produce the natural highest quality honey!

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