Honey Tube

This is original, tasty and healthy product in “space lunch” packing: 100% natural honey collected in reserved forest territories of Primorsky region and packed into plastic tubes!

Why tubes?

Tubes were chosen for reason and the unusual attractive form isn’t the main one. Here are three most important reasons:

  • Plastic tube is the strong protection for honey against the environment and is easy to use.
  • In contrast to the glass cans, the pastic tube has light weight and is very strong. It is also take less space.
  • When putting opened tube into pocket or bag, you may not worry about leaking.

Quality and Production

We choose best supplies from beekeeping farms, that are located in the Primorsky mainland covered with Ussuri Taiga. We cooperate only with the beekeepers who put the quality of raw honey in the first place.

Every supply pass through laboratory tests taken with the special equipment. Then we strain raw honey and put it to the automatic packing line, There it packs honey into tubes in the sterile environment, without human participation.

At the final stage palstic tube is sealed with aliminium memrane. It keeps the integrity until the membrane is broken. At last, we put caps onto tubes.

Honey tubes assortment

The assortment includes 5 kinds of tubes, depending on its volume:

  • 45 ml,
  • 100 ml,
  • 250 ml.

But it the purpose of wholesale purchases we also offer other volumes, i.e. from 5 to 25 ml, if you need to distirubute small portions of honey.

Ask for “Gold Tiger Cub” Honey Tubes ans enjoy the natural taste!

Feel free to contact us for the wholesale purchases of  “Gold Tiger Cub” Honey Tubes.