Comb Honey

Proudly present the traditional product in the “Gold Tiger Cub” family – Comb Honey! It is a great way to feel the very primitive taste of honey and help your body to make health stronger at the same time!

“Gold Tiger Cub”  is 100% natural honey from Primorsky Region!

Comb Honey

It is old-fashioned good that was highly appreciated by the traders and was in the list of famous export Russian goods for the centuries. People prefer to eat it whole with beeswax because of its high absorbing property in the stomach and intestines, and its ability to remove toxins from the body. Chewing the beeswax is the natural way to clean teeth, to eliminate pathogenic bacteria in mouth and to strengthen the tooth adamantine.

Bees use beebread, propolis and pollen to fill the comb

Being combined with ecologically pure honey they produce original taste and strengthen healing properties by interacting with beeswax. This is good thing to fight the cold.

Beeswax is natural preservation

The right storage of our product allows beeswax to act as a preservation, that keeps all healthy agents of honey – such as vitamins, ferments, minerals. Besides, keeping honey in combs which is its natural container, prevent early crystallization process.

Honey from Primorky Region

We collect raw honey in the most suitable districts for beekeeping in Primorsky region. These municipal districts are Spasskyi, Kirovskyi, Dalnerechenskyi, Shkotovsky, Chuguevsckyi and Anuchinskyi. We cooperate with beekeeping farms, that supply us only high-quality organic honey. By the way, the comb honey is the guarantee of its natural origin itself, because it is collected straight from hives. But we surely check all the supplies in laboratories.

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