Gold Tiger Cub — is the trademark for natural honey and honey products.

We put a meaning in the name

“Tigrenok” is “Tiger Cub” is chosen to honor the Siberian tiger, the symbol of Primorsky Region. We combined these images into one name to underline the superior quality of honey, its organic properties and benefits for human health.

All products are made in Primorsky Region

The beekeping farms, supplying us with raw honey, are situated in municipal districts of Anuchinskyi, Spasskyi, Dalnerechenskyi. Most of the territories are covered with Ussuri taiga with its unique biodiversity. The climate of the region includes a lot of sunny days, which provide a long period for honey harvesting.

The Production of Gold Tiger Cub

Our production is located in Spasskyi municipal district of Primorsky Region. We have sophisticated production lines that work in automatic mode without human participation almost at all stages: from the preservation to packing of finished goods.

All raw material pass through regular and detail quality control made by both our supplier and our own laboratory, that’s why we are sure in high quality of honey and its 100% natural origin.

Packing of Finished Goods

We pay much attention to packages of finished goods. Our trademark and labels have memorable, attractive design which distinguish our honey and other products at store shelves. Our special product, which seems to be the most interesting for our clients, is the Honey Tube – convenient and hygienic packing solution!

    “Gold Tiger Cub” gain more popularity in Russia and neighbor countries. The taste and quality of honey from Primorsky region are highly appreciated in China, Japan and Taiwan, where our tardemark goods are in great demand.

    Buy “Gold Tiger Cub” products, enjoy the natural taste and benefits kept in it by traditional reciepts and sophisticated processing technologies!