Russian Mead Production

Medovukha or the Russian Mead labeled “Gold Tiger Cub” is traditional low-alcohol beverage, which we brew only with natural components: 

  • – bee honey collected in reserved areas of Primorsky region,
  • – spring water, purified with water fine filters,
  • – wild yeast for natural brewing process,
  • – finely selected hop, usually used to brew premium beer.

Designing the receipt and technology of mead, we aimed to create the taste that will be worthy to present “Gold Tiger Cub” to Russian and foreign customers. We studied traditional methods and secrets of mead-brewing and took all the things that give natural and soft taste to the beverage.

Our own technology, non-pasteurized drink

Our own technology of mead-brewing combines traditional and perfect in its simplicity composition and sophisticated methods of production. To reach this characteristics we installed new production line and now produce up to 50 tons of this old-Russian drink.

“Gold Tiger Cub” Mead is non-pasteurized drink and this is its main difference from other low-alcohol beverages and other mead trademarks. Natural honey has active agents that interfere with reproduction of pathogenic bacteria, i.e. are antiseptic. Due to this drink doesn’t need to be pasteurized, and we can call it “live drink”.

The high quality of drink

We want to underline the high quality of drink, that’s why we pask it only into glass bottles 0.33 and 0.5 l. This volumes are best to have the drink and enjoy its rich taste.

Gold Tiger Cub Mead in kegs

We supply the mead in kegs to specialized stores, restaurants and craft beer bars. Storage in kegs keeps all taste of the mead in a long period of time.

“DelKar” company as the producer “Gold Tiger Cub” has all certificates for producing and selling alcohol beverages from 5 to 16 degrees strong.