Honey Production

“Gold Tiger Cub” is the natural honey, collected in Primorsky region. Our products are 100% pure. Honey harvesting areas are located in the valleys and hillsides covered with Ussuri Taiga, in the large distance from highways and industrial zones.

Quality Control

We cooperate with beekeeping farms, which take care in quality and natural origin of honey. These suplliers don’t add any luquids to raw honey and don’t feed bees with sugar syrup for the purpose to increase output.

But we don’t forget the rule “Trust but Verify”, so every supply of “liguid gold” pass through careful control procedures. We check package, appearance, consistence, testing th samples with refractometer to to determine humidity and sugar levels. It allows us to take away doubtful supplies

Manufacturing of Honey Goods


In the first stage of production cycle we strain the honey, removing little bits of beerwax, bee wings or legs. Then strained honey goes to sophisticated automatic line, where it is affected to sparing processing and is packed in containers. All operations are executed in sterile environment.

We process and pack up to 30 tons of honey per month!

Finished goods

We pack this natural delicacy into several kinds of containers and would like to mark plastic tubes which can contain 25, 50, 150, 200 and 250 ml of honey.

Filled tubes are sealed with aluminium membrane to keep the container integrity until the opening and are closed with caps.

“Gold Tiger Cub” is high-quality, delicious and healthy honey in convenient packing. The tube protects honey from the environment and at the same time is easy to use. In contrast to the glass cans, the pastic tube has light weight and is very strong. It is also take less space. When putting opened tube in the pocket or in the bag, you may not to worry about leaking.

If you are interested in wholesale purchases of honey,
we are ready to make goods in packages with your design and trademark!